Team up with 100 years of experience

We have faith in our gut feeling

Team up with 100 years of experience

We have faith in our gut feeling

Our Departments

Sales Department

We have over 100 years of experience in design, production and sale of FMCG, and our client portfolio counts both fashion retailers, supermarket chains, discount shops and the public sector all over Northern Europe.

Procurement Department

A solid global network of agents and factories makes us a strong private label partner. We have our own office in China, and our partnership and cooperation with suppliers is unique.


We cooperate with a range of organisations that among other things secure decent working conditions and environmental considerations, for instance AMFORI BSCI, FSG, BEPI and GOTS. And we have environmental certification 2020.

Design Department

We have our own very skilled designers from The Royal Academy of Design, SAFD and The School of Design in Kolding, and we offer competent creative feedback, for instance for development of your private labels.

Finance Department

Our more than 100 years of experience makes the best basis for always negotiating the best deals and prices. And the economy in Ronald A/S is rock solid. Our annual revenue is in the three digit million-range.

Logistics Department

Our product- and supplier management is one of a kind. And our in-depth knowledge in the markets enables us to navigate around challenges so that we for instance avoid delays on delivery.

We trust our gut feeling and our 100 years of experience 100%

We have an experience like few others and our business is rock-solid. Perhaps because our gut feeling is always amongst our most valued consultants. And we always exert ourselves of being the best business partner to the major fashion houses and retail chains in Europe and China in our client portfolio.

We are neither holy nor heroes, we’re simply human beings

Ronald cooperates with a range of organisations that secure decent working conditions, fight against child labour, discrimination and forced labour. And we help companies and manufacturers all over the world to improve their environmental imprint and promote sustainable forestry.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about your business.