Team Up With 100 Years of Experience and Steal the Thunder

Ronald has been up to the minute with what steals the fashion thunder throughout 100 years. Therefor we can really create an impact with our design, production and sale of accessories.

Our designers from The Royal Academy of Design, SAFD and The School of Design Kolding are trendspotting, interpret trends, surprise and inspire with their designs of jewellery, bags, shoes, scarfs, sun- and reading glasses and hair accessories for the major fashion houses and retailers in Europe. And offer creative feedback, for instance for development of your private labels.

Designed Especially for You

Functionality & Beauty Combined

Other categories


Underwear, socks, leggings, sportswear etc.


Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers etc.


Personal care, cosmetics, home décor, gardening, leisure, toys etc

Protective Equipment

Face masks, medical gloves, face visors, wet wipes, hand sanitizer